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Prayona Star Presents

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Design Inspirations

Behind the Magic...

Prayona Star is a 12 year old girl who enjoys school, art, music, and dance, amongst other things. Our Praycelets are inspired by the elements that tell her story. Her first and middle name together says “ Pray On A Star.” Prayona has Sensorineural Hearing Loss and the hand sign charm represents this loss and stands for I love you. As a prior student at the Sell’s Broadway Dance Company (SBDC) she has practiced ballet, tap, acro, hip hop and musical theater, and has had leading performances. Prayona aspires to motivate little girls that are special and unique in their own way. Our Praycelets were created to let other little girls know, that no matter what they can accomplish anything. Prayona has continuously beat all odds and has shown that no matter what greatness is possible...  

Little LALA Bracelets...

Our Little LALA bracelets are inspired by Lydia Ashli. A 15 year old who loves art, fashion, cooking, reading, science, and music amongst other things. Lydia was born with Branchial Plexus on her left arm, and hasn't let her limitation stop her. As a prior Martial Arts student (MMA) with a brown belt, she has shown perseverance and drive she can accomplish anything. Our Little LALA's represent all of the fun, smart, bookworm girls that just want to be themselves and standout in their own way.

Our Little Munchie Bracelets...

Our Little Munchie Bracelets are inspired by 3 year old J'mya Unique. Since birth she has changed our lives in many great ways. The inspiration behind our little munchies was to create a bracelet that would be a precious token that others could give to their little blessings.

Our Kenziepooh Bracelets

Our Kenziepooh bracelets are inspired by MacKenzie H. She is a very talented 11yr old. Anything that requires artistic abilities and creativity is a strong characteristic of hers. Mack enjoys putting on nail designs as well as doing makeup. She also loves to draw, create and decorate bedroom designs. MacKenzie can do anything that she sets her mind to! We look forward to having her on our team and giving her the opportunity to add bracelet designer to her resume. Her creativity and design skills are endless! 

Our Diva Girls Bracelets...

Our Diva girls bracelets are inspired by 18 year old Lamyra E. a teenager who loves practicing nail art designs as well as making and wearing bracelets. Lamyra is extremely artistic and adds great value to the creations and development of bracelets here at Praycelets. Her designs are savvy yet classy, fit for all of our sassy young ladies.


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